Then there is the delicate issue of internal market accounting. The House of Lords voted overwhelmingly in favour of repealing the controversial clauses of the law that effectively give the government the power to repeal parts of the withdrawal agreement. For now, the government has indicated that it will fight to reinstate these clauses when the bill returns to the House of Commons, and has already indicated that it will introduce another legislation (the Finance Act) that may contain other incendiary kits. Paddypower currently has a chance that a new in/out referendum will take place before the end of 2020 at 2/1. The bookmaker maintains a 1/2 deal, but warns that the odds are reduced, with Prime Minister Johnson officially declaring that his government „will not withdraw“ eu requirements for fishing, state aid and safeguarding the Northern Ireland Protocol. After withdrawing MPs who do not vote – mainly Sinn Fein and deputy spokesmen – Boris Johnson needs 320 MPs to vote on his deal. Is it therefore time to reassess the chances of an agreement before the end of the year? We still believe that the chances are strong enough for a free trade agreement to be concluded, but there are still many ways to derail things. Here are some of the reasons for optimism and pessimism. Johnson surprised many at Westminster by renegotiating the Brexit withdrawal deal with Brussels.

There are 21 former Conservative MPs who have lost or left the whip not to refuse a deal, but who may now vote for the Prime Minister`s agreement (the 22nd is Sam Gyimah, but it is now a Lib Dem). The general consensus is that if there is an agreement, the government will go back to those steps and perhaps argue that the agreement means that the „safety net“ of the law is no longer necessary. But there is no guarantee that this will happen and it is quite clear that the EU will not be inclined to sign an agreement if the bill is not diluted. „While talks are ongoing, the chances of a No Deal Brexit are shorter than ever, with minimal chances of extending the transition period.“ Betfair spokeswoman Katie Baylis said: „As the election campaign is officially underway, No Overall Majority is now the favourite with a quota of 20/21.“ Comments by House speaker Jacob Rees-Mogg on the Grenfell Tower disaster confirmed the cliché of many voters in a party that has nothing to do with ordinary people. Meanwhile, the failure to publish a report on foreign interference in previous ELECTIONS in the United Kingdom has led to allegations of cover-up by Number 10.