My experience is not within the condo community, but I have never seen a lease signed before the permit is granted in other types of communities. What I do know is that the rental rules vary by country and type. Associations generally spell these instructions in condominiums, conditions and restrictions (CC-Rs) and rules and regulations, and may even offer a preferred rental method. If you do not find this in your documentation, I strongly recommend you ask the property association. With my lease, there is no fixed date, tell me if the lease is good or not. I always make 2 original copies of the rental agreement, so the owner and tenant each have 1 original. The lessor has the right to retain the original lease. If the tenant wishes to have the tenancy agreement, he can also obtain a copy and drown. In the event of a dispute, unregistered leases are not considered the main evidence by the court We take two hours for the rental process, as we explain everything in the rental agreement that contains the real estate rules, and we show how to use and take care of the unit, and we make the move ending together. I wouldn`t think of doing the remote lease. To register a rental agreement, you would have to pay a fee such as stamp duty and registration fees. The fees are usually shared by tenants and landlords, but mention this in the agreement. In addition, people who have fees, such as legal fees or brokers, should be clear.

2 originals or 1 original and 1 copy of all the favorite methods, since 2 originals is more work and much more signature, but I saw its better, I just wanted to see what you think. Here is an overview of a good procedure for sending a rental agreement to a tenant: a tenancy agreement ensures that you get ahead later in the event of a problem between you and your landlord, which is why it is important to be careful with the clauses contained in the agreement. Here are some clauses to make for the lease. Since I cannot provide legal advice and this is a bit out of my experience, you can also seek legal advice and call the local housing authority to find out if the rental agreement is legally binding if it is signed before the authorization and if an emergency clause protects you if you leave in this way. Hello Belin, you know they haven`t signed? Sometimes the second part can sign, but don`t (or forget) to send a signed copy. You can contact your landlord and ask for a signed copy for your records.